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MixPixie: Create Personalized CDs
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easy-reed for minimum fussing with reeds and maximum playing time. As seen on BBC Dragons' Den: clarinet and saxophone reeds made easy!


UKick is a fun, brand NEW sporting craze sweeping across Europe. This simple and cool game is healthy, social and seriously addictive!


Left = Original | Right = £1.00 later
Getting Started: 1: Contact us and get our FTP or Dropbox data 2: Upload your photos to our FTP or Dropbox 3: Send an e-mail, and foretell that you have uploaded pictures. Please inform us what you would like done.


Opportunities for:

Innovative companies and their products.

Dating Website Endorsement:

The song, "Download Your Love" is an ideal song to be used by an online dating agency

Pizza Company Sponsorship Opportunity:

We have a song in the show called "Who's for Pizza?!" - this is the ideal exclusive sponsorship opportunity for any Pizza company.

Umbrella Designers:

The "Rainy Day" song in the show is an ideal marketing opportunity if your company sells or designs umbrellas!

Jewellery Company:

The characters Jewel, Pearl, Diamantee, Matt, Mickey, and Simon Software will showcase your jewellery.

cow image

Moocha the popagami cow loves pizza

popagami imagePopagami on every finger
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Motor bikes


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Luxury cars

Internet dating

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